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It’s now or never! It’s time to save our planet earth. This is why we exist with our recyclable & degradable Materials.

Our Biodegradable Products

Biodegradable products are products that can be used for years and once thrown away, they will degrade as time goes by.

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Founded in 2008, Sparkoncept is an eco-conscious firm with a certified, efficient production system housed in a 20,000 square foot facility, employing 600 trained professionals.
Our R&D center in Hong Kong Science Park is a hub of innovation, using cutting-edge technology to develop PP-biodegradable materials adhering to ASTM and international standards. We offer tailored additive solutions for varied biodegradation needs.Our commitment to quality, punctuality, and customer-centric customization has fostered lasting partnerships.
Our mission: to combat plastic waste and foster a healthier world.


A product that leaves no microplastics.


Decomposed chemically.


Convertible Material.

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We need you to save the environment
with us.

Our primary focus is to save the planet and without your support this cannot be achieved. Through the production of biodegradable products, we can guarantee the reduction of waste. Here are some of the products we need to reduce:

A Pledge to Environmental Stewardship

Plastic pollution poses a significant threat to our planet, given the hundreds of years it takes for common plastics to degrade. While compostable plastics and paper products are part of the solution, another viable and economical strategy lies in enhancing the biodegradation process of conventional plastics. In our commitment to environmental preservation, Sparkoncept has engineered an innovative additive known as the "Anaerobic Biodegradation Accelerator (SK-Bio01)." This transformative agent works by integrating with standard plastics and attracting microbes to expedite the microbial degradation on the plastic surface, thereby catalyzing the overall biodegradation process. Applicable to both disposable and reusable plasticware, SK-Bio01 dovetails seamlessly with existing manufacturing procedures. Not only does it accelerate the breakdown of plastic, but its wide-ranging adaptability also offers a cost-effective solution to mitigate pollution derived from plastic waste. Sparkoncept's SK-Bio01 signifies a major stride in our relentless pursuit of sustainability, marking a significant leap towards a cleaner and healthier world.

Product by using SK-Bio01

Post-consumer Recycled Material :PCR-PP

PCR means Post-Consumer Recycled material or Post Consumer Resin, and generally refers to plastics such as PET, PP and HDPE which are widely recycled and then reprocessed into a resin that is used to make new packaging. In simple terms, it is packaging that is being given a second life. When the woven bag can't be recycled, we can bury it, and it can be completely degraded in composting environment for 2-3 years. Protecting the environment is our responsibility.

PCR-PP Is Widely Used

PCR-PP is widely used in our life. With the increasing market demand, ordinary PP recycled materials have higher performance after modification processing such as reinforcement, flame retardancy and filling to meet the market production. Recycled material can be used for wire drawing, injection molding and pressing plate. Compared with the new material, it has increased its degradability and greatly reduced the cost, which is a breakthrough in the industry. Target applications include crates, pallets, containers, trash cans, cars, household appliances, display cabinets, woven bags, etc.

PCR-PP Wire Drawing​​

It is mainly used in plastic woven products, daily container bags, woven bags, food bags, etc.​

PCR-PP Injection Molding​​

Mainly used in pallets, containers, trash cans, toys, cars, home appliances, etc.​

PCR-PP Pressing Plate​​

It is mainly used in base plates, partitions, display cabinets, crates, etc.​

Product can using SK-Bio02

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