Promoting Eco-Friendliness

The environmental challenge posed by plastics, which can take centuries to degrade, is considerable. Sparkoncept has crafted an innovative solution to this issue: the “Anaerobic Biodegradation Accelerator (SK-Bio01)”. This unique additive infuses into common plastics, inviting microbes to hasten their degradation process.

biodegradable SK-bio01

SK-Bio01 is versatile and compatible with both disposable and reusable plasticware, integrating effortlessly into existing manufacturing processes. It provides a cost-effective method to speed up biodegradation, thereby reducing plastic pollution. With SK-Bio01, Sparkoncept is contributing to a more sustainable and cleaner future.


after usage


in right criteria


Not fragile


Green Leaf Certification

SK-Bio01 has been independently tested in accordance with ASTM D5511-18. 

The biodegradation rate of the applied product was tested over 90days as 11.18%

certification of conformity

Green Leaf Certification


We can apply SK-Bio01 to difference products like phone case, 3C accessories, packing etc.

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