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Is Bioplastic a Plastic?

If you have ever encountered alternative packaging products that claim that they are not harmful to the environment, then it’s likely that you have come across bioplastics. Bioplastics are a new breed of plastic that begins to break down in the presence of heat and light. Is bioplastic plastic? There

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Is PLA Animal Safe?

PLA is used for 3D printing almost anything now – including toys for dogs, cats, reptiles, and other animals. But how safe is PLA for animals? Can animals become sick after chewing on a PLA piece? Find out how PLA can affect humans and animals today. Is PLA animal safe?

How Are Plastics Made?

Do you know how plastics are manufactured? Discover how plastics are made and why plastic is harmful to humanity. If you want to know how plastic is made, especially single-use plastics, you’re in for a treat. We know that the world’s plastic problem begins with production and, eventually, plastic distribution for commercial and

The Plastic Ocean surrounds us

The Plastic Ocean Surrounds Us

Plastic waste is killing our oceans and marine ecosystems. It’s time that everyone learned about how plastic pollution is ruining us all.   What is the Plastic Ocean? In the period of mega-storms and ecological degradation, it’s high time for people to become more of the world’s oceans. One of

All about biodegradable products

These days more and more people want to learn about biodegradable products. We all know that the world is full of plastic and many animals are dying because of this. Biodegradable products, also called non-toxic or biodegradable, are manufactured with special materials or technology to enable them to be broken

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